Little Legend Game



Little Legend is a systemic action-adventure game taking place in a fantasy 2D open world.
Pimpim, a young girl with magical powers, sets out to discover the world in search of her origins.

Use your spells to fight and explore a huge open world full of mysteries. Achieve quests and become stronger.
Whatever your level, you can enjoy the game because you fight and overcome obstacles in your own way!

WIth its refreshing concept, Little Legend is a new kind of action-adventure experience!

Key points


Little Legend is like a Metroidvania but in an open world with lots of loots and secrets. Many quests awaits you, but you're free to explore at yout own pace. By day, by night, on land or in the air!

A deep battle system based on spells chaining.
Summon Sphere, cast Force Push and you get a blunt projectile. Useful to hurt an enemy, destroy a fragile wall or solve a puzzle.
Spells are as effective for fighting as for exploring.

The night is coming and it's time to take a break in the Haven. Craft potions to recover or handcrafted jewels for money.
Improve yout stats and get new skills by resurrecting a guardian.