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PS4 | Xbox ONE | SWITCH | PC



Little Legend is an adventure exploration video game taking place in a dreamlike and captivating 2D open world. You play as Pimpim, a young girl with supernatural powers who sets off to explore the world. The theme is about resilience and how similar destinies may evolve differently. The secondary quests are all story driven and are connected to the main quest. You will face a few important narrative choices as a teenager, consequences of which you'll experience later in the game as an adult. You progress by crafting your own spells with the energy harvested from objects of the scenery. Each spell has multiple uses to help you to explore further or to defend yourself. Each player will take a different direction and will progress with their own gaming style.


Little Legend was originally created by Fawzi Allouache. At first, the project was a shoot'em'up with role playing game elements. After his encounter with Maxime Poutiline in Montréal, the project evolves to become an open world adventure with a strong story and a "Magicraft System". With Little Legend, we wanted to reproduce the same feeling of satisfaction as when you exploit a glitch to reach the highest platform or pass through a closed door in a video game. The player must have the feeling of finding its own way to overcome an obstacle. There's lot of "Metroidvania" style games and we wanted to let the player explore a beautiful world made of skies and flowers. The idea of enclosing the player between 4 walls was simply unacceptable: the 2d open world was obvious to us. We didn't want to make a game where a sensitive girl slaughters the entire ecosystem or remove the skin of a deer to sell it on the black market. We worked hard to create a living, breathing world with fair minded characters. We founded Nevermind in 2018, our video game studio is based in France, Nantes. A crowfunding campaign is coming soon to Kickstarter.


  • Create your own spells to explore and fight
  • A 2D dreamlike open world with 4K Graphics
  • A strong story about resilience
  • Narrative choices with strong impacts
  • Housing and shop systems
  • You can fly as a magic weasel!


Little Legend Teaser YouTube


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